I’m not one to set unrealistic resolutions for the new year (no huge self-improvement plans on my to-do list!) yet as the calendar turns I find myself drawn to setting goals, writing them down, and then holding myself accountable to achieving them.

An ongoing goal of NTCA is to create a more valuable online presence for the association, our members and the rural broadband industry, and we recently took a giant step toward achieving that with the launch of new websites for NTCA and the Foundation for Rural Service (FRS).

After 20 months of work, thousands of documents scoured and hundreds of hours spent polishing and testing, our team could not be more thrilled to share this milestone with you. In addition to giving us a “new face,” this redesign has launched us into the future with mobile-responsive designs, improved e-commerce capabilities and a renewed focus on sharing the many innovations your companies are delivering to rural America. A few of my favorite features are:

  • Advocacy issue summaries and an Advocacy Action Center with resources to help NTCA members amplify their voices in Washington.
  • An improved Events Calendar, including virtual events and online learning opportunities.
  • More information about how to get involved with the NTCA Rural Broadband PAC.
  • Easy access to Insurance and Benefits information, including forms, plan specifications and helpful guides for navigating coverage changes during common life events.
  • A fresh look at “why rural matters” and how FRS is working to build a stronger, more sustainable rural America.

For those of logging in, you might find the first few times of scooting around the site is a tad slow.  That is part of the loading process and will speed up as you return to the site.  It’s simply part of the launching process and you’ll soon find it all seamless.

We’re so excited about the new improved way to serve our membership with increased functionality and a huge debt of gratitude goes out to Laura Withers, head of our communications team who was the Captain of the project, her talented team, Shawn Sample, our web queen, our IT staff and all of the association staff who tested and edited and tested some more.  In addition, the NTCA board showed a great deal of support for this initiative and allowed us access to funding to support hiring the best folks to work with to get this up and running!

Go ahead, log in and take a cruise around….www.ntca.org…..and welcome to your new home on the web!

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