While The Collective Is More Powerful Than The Individual…

While The Collective Is More Powerful Than The Individual…

…….the individuals themselves are pretty interesting!

Instead of taking the full hour of our monthly all staff meeting to review highlights from each division, we used the opportunity at our most recent meeting to ask each of our team members in our Arlington office to share an interesting fact about themselves.  In an effort to “sweeten the pot” for the task, I had a basket of candy bars that were shipped back from a recent NTCA regional meeting (it’s a long story and let’s just say that it involved hotel contracts at higher levels of food requirements than we were able to meet so the hotel threw in baskets of candy bars and goodies for us to distribute at the end of the meeting.  Since NTCA members must all be participating in our Wellness Plan, most took the bottles of water and juice but few snagged any of the candy bars.  What is a good association person to do other than ship them back to our office?  Too bad the heat index was over 100 degrees that week and the bars looked like they had been run over by a Mack truck. But, chocolate is chocolate!).

But I digress.  The enlightening part of our staff meeting was really what a cool group of folks we all work with.  Honestly, it didn’t even matter what folks shared, the fact they were willing to share anything personal and about themselves was another step forward in our building trust and teamwork among our valued staff.  However, I will say that we have some interesting folks – swimming with sharks, performers,  musicians, pinewood derby experts, weightlifters, published poets (at age 8!), some juvenile delinquents, dare devils and more.  The point wasn’t so much the stories but certainly the laughter and awe that was generated.

What a treat to work with these people.

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