What A Week It Was….

What A Week It Was….

So much going on these days….Mike Dolezal, CEO of Range Telecom in Montana came out to DC this week and presented on behalf of NTCA to the Senate Dems Rural Summit on the importance of rural broadband.  Not only did Mike do a terrific job, but he also had a an opportunity to connect with Senator Jon Tester from his home state.

I journeyed on to Maine to meet with the Telecommunications Association of Maine and join them in their 50th anniversary celebration and have an engaged discussed on the challenges and opportunities for rural broadband.

Josh Seidemann from our team presented before the House Committee on Veterans Affairs roundtable where he was able to share on the VALOR program as well as the Virtual Living Room efforts underway in Kentucky to bring telemedicine services to rural vets in the communities they live in with the help of the broadband services our NTCA members provide.

A number of hill meetings, FCC visits, and nonstop action on the policy front.  Meanwhile our team prepares for the Fall Conference in Philly and ensuring that the 1200 members attending have a great experience and maximize their education and networking opportunities.

And I would be remiss to not also note that this week was the 16th anniversary of 9/11.  A defining day for all Americans.  I never cease to get a lump in my throat and spend much of the day reflecting on many things  – not the least of which is friends who all reached out to help one another on that horrific day and my own journey back to my family with support of a few industry colleagues.  It’s important to always remember.

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