Senator Grassley Hits All 99 Iowa Counties Each Year

Senator Grassley Hits All 99 Iowa Counties Each Year

As Senator Grassley does his grand summer tour, hitting all 99 counties in the state of Iowa, he stopped this week at Delta Metals, a company that provides custom roof panels in rural Leon, Iowa and met with NTCA Director Ron Hinds (who also moonlights as the GM for GRM Networks providing advanced communications services in Missouri and Iowa) and Wendal Yoder, the manager of Delta Metals.  As Senator Grassley met with community members during his town hall meeting, Ron found a way to bring the topic around to rural broadband and asked for the Senator’s support for full funding of the USF high cost program as well as ensuring that broadband was included in any federal infrastructure package that might move through Congress.

Wendal, head of Delta Metals shared that “GRM Networks provides our high speed broadband  with fiber, a critical reason we have grown and have been able to providing increasing jobs.”

Kudos to Ron and his team for providing excellent service to those they serve and for making the extra effort to join Senator Grassley to hear the story, first hand, of the impact broadband has on rural businesses.


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