Broadband Providers With Heart

Broadband Providers With Heart

Everyone knew that Harvey would be a significant storm and we are still awaiting the outcome of the storm’s impact in Texas and now Louisiana.  Pictured above is the crew from YK Communications in Granado, Texas as they worked to keep up their rural networks even during the height of the storm.  I received a wonderful note from their President who noted how proud he was of his team for ensuring that they stayed on duty and kept the networks up and running.

NTCA also activated our Disaster Relief Clearinghouse over the weekend in preparation for any relief work necessary after the storm and assistance or equipment that NTCA members might be looking for as the clean up begins.  The site is up on our website and is a place where assistance can be requested and support can be volunteered during challenging times.  We sent out a notice to all of our Texas and Louisiana members to first ensure that they knew we had a mechanism to ask for support and are letting our full membership know for all of the wonderful companies who have already reached out offering support – from plant, copper, switches (and even picking up the transport costs) to offers to come in and cook meals for the teams – what a joy it is to work with members in a community that support each other so much.

The NTCA family is a strong one and we remain hopeful that our members in need will take the opportunity to allow others in the membership to provide assistance where and when needed….if not today, maybe when additional recovery efforts continue. While our thoughts and prayers are with the folks in these impacted areas, we will continue to stay on top of the situation and have been also in touch with USDA leadership, who also offered assistance as well as FCC’s team for disaster support.

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