60 is the New 40….

60 is the New 40….

Or that is at least what Kelsey continues to share with my husband, Don, who turned 60 this past week.  I’m not sure that the new rallying cry has been taken seriously but we certainly found a reason to celebrate nonetheless.

With hitting the sixty milestone being a worthy celebration, the girls and I decided months ago that it was going to require a surprise party to ensure the right level of celebration. So the planning began and the emails flew and friends – in and out of town committed.  The event began on Friday with several of Don’s law school friends flying in from across the country, as well as Leah and my brother and his wife coming in from Chicago and despite a few last minute snafus, the group surprised Don when he walked in the door from work and the level of joy and laughter was loud and invigorating.  Presents were shared including a matching set of flamingo suits for Don and I.  No, I will not wear mine to a future NTCA meeting….but I am certain that we will now need to find a reason to take a picture for a future holiday card.

The celebration continued with perfect DC weather on Saturday that alllowed us to drag all of our guests to the National Mall to wander by the White House, the World War II memorial, the Lincoln memorial and simply enjoy one of those rare days where we could play tourists.  I always welcome a reason to remember how beautiful our nation’s capital actually is and how walkable it seems until my feet start to ache….just a little bit!

The adventure was capped off with a surprise dinner party we threw for Don downtown on Saturday evening with 30 of his closest friends and colleagues.  A number of toasts later, I did confess that I was done with surprises and that there would be NO surprise Sunday brunch.  Our daughters were a delight and the evening a success and we were weary but happy by the time we got everyone to the airport on Sunday.

If 60 really is the new 40, I guess I have another 20 years to plan Don’s 80th bash!

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